Gimkit Join: A platform for learning with games

Gimkit is a game-show platform that provides a large number of questions, especially for students with a gaming style. In this modern era, people are using different learning platforms to get the best education experience. Among other learning platforms, Gimkit Join is also one of the best learning platforms. It offers colorful quiz options to attract users and enhance their engagement with this platform. In this guide, you will explore more about Gimkit Join. So stay tuned with us!

What is Gimkit Join?

Gimkit Join is an app-based quiz platform that allows students to learn with games and improve their studies. This is the place where students can learn in a group or individually through the Internet. Students can easily get the assignment from their teachers and join the live class via game code. Teachers also have the ability to inspect the progress of the student and also take the live class.

If you really want to get the best education experience then this gaming quiz platform serves you with the best.

The idea of Gimkit Join

Firstly, the idea of Gimkit Join came to the mind of the students who had to create the school project. Then the student started to create this fantastic app-based gaming quiz platform. Actually, students get bored due to their studies. So, this platform ensures the longer engagement of the students with this platform due to quiz games. But till now, many improvements have been made in its performance and interface.

How to use Gimkit Join?

Gimkit Join offers a simple sign-up process for both teachers and students because users can be of different ages. You just need to follow the following steps in order to sign up successfully in the Gimkit Join.

•             Search Gimkit on your browser such as Google and open the Gimkit Join’s website.

•             Then sign up with your email or through your current Google account.

•             Enter your name and tell them who you are.

•             A pop-up will show up in front of you that will ask whether you are a teacher or a student.

•             Select the one option according to your status.

•             Now, Gimkit Join will provide the controlling dashboard to the teachers.

•             It also provides many useful features on the students’ dashboards.

The free version is available for the users but I think it also has a monthly or yearly fee version and a premium version.

Benefits of the Gimkit Join

There are several benefits of the Gimkit Join that make it more recommended and enjoyable. These benefits can engage the users for a longer time.

•             Gimkit offers a KitCollab feature, especially for the students. KitCollab allows the students to submit their questions to the teacher in order to build a quiz. These provided questions from the students through the KitCollab can be helpful for the students as well as teachers.

•             Another great benefit of this app-based gaming quiz platform is that it enables the students to earn virtual currency. Students can easily earn virtual currency and invest it to increase their score points by giving correct answers.

•             If you’re a teacher then good news for you as Gimkit Join enables the teachers to perform different activities. Teachers can easily check the report after every game quiz of the students. They can set the last date of the test or assignment and can take the live class through a central account. Teachers need to import the roaster to assign the assignment to the students. They can import questions from kits and other sources such as spreadsheets etc. Students can easily join the live class by using the game code from the teacher.

•             It provides a user-friendly interface for the users. Gimkit Join provides a colorful quiz game page for the users to engage. It shows different options of answers in different and attractive colors.

•             There are some kits in the Gimkit Join that are sets of questions added by other users. If you want to use then you can and you can also modify them.

•             On the students’ dashboard there will be showing “Assignments” and “Classes” to easily access the assignments and join the class. They have many other options on their dashboard.

FAQs of the Gimkit Join

•          Is Gimkit free to create a Gimkit account?

It is free and you can easily sign-up for free and you can use its free version. The free version is called Basic. In Basic, you are allowed to use free modes and use kits without limitations.

•          Is there any way to try the Pro version for free?

Yes, the Educator account can use the Pro version for free for a 14-day trial period. But when the period expires Educator account will be moved to Basic.

•          How many accounts are in the Gimkit?

There are two types of accounts in the , one is Educator and the second is Student. Student accounts have some security restrictions and they can easily play and join the games. Through the Educator account, teachers can use Basic for free and can also be upgrade by paid packages.

•          Do students need accounts?

No, students can easily play the live games as well as assignments without logging into the Join. If they want to use classes then they will need an account for other earning and purchasing activities.  

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