Julia Roberts pretty woman hair 

Julia Roberts pretty woman hair 

Julia Roberts  

Julia Roberts an American, who was an actress born on October 28, 1967. She is a well-known actress and is seen in many films playing lead roles. This is her hard work and talent due to which she is popular among fans. She is one of the well-known actresses of America and her fans are not only present in America but also she is famous among the fans worldwide. Julia Roberts used to wear different hair colors but her natural hair color is actually blond. Her fans like her with all of her hair colors. Mostly she looks red and actually looks pretty in red hair color as well. 

What is the natural hair color of Julia Roberts? 

Actually the natural hair color of Julia Roberts is dark blond but she is mostly seen in red hair. She looks pretty in red as well as in her natural hair color as well.  She is also considered a pretty red-haired woman. Fans love her with all of her styles and like to watch her films as well. 

When did Robert get her red hair color first? 

Julia Robert got her first red hair color for her role in 1988 Mystic pizza. She stayed that way for a long time. She looked gorgeous in her new style but also looks pretty in blond hair that is her natural hair color. 

Who is the hair stylist of Julia Roberts? 

We all know that Julia Roberts has always got a good hair style and looks amazing in all the types of hair styles. Many people want to know the name of her hair stylist. Serge Normant is the official hair stylist and a good friend of Julia Roberts. He always tries to do something new with her hair so that she must look pretty and unique among all.

Do bangs look good on Julia Roberts? 

Julia Roberts sometimes used to style her hair in bangs and no doubt they look good over her. She used to try different hairstyles and is loved by her fans, once the stylist of julia roberts said that “we had been talking about bangs with Julia, that she wore in the past show.  It was very spontaneous but she always liked them”. All the people liked her bangs and said that they look good on her but she preferred to do hair style without bangs but pick bangs as her hairstyle sometimes. 

What hair color looks good on Julia Roberts? 

Julia Roberts is one of the most well-known celebrities of America who is well known globally. She is loved by the audience not only because of her talent and excellent acting skills but also because of her good style and excellent fashion sense. Blonde is her natural hair color but she looks good in all the hair colors she wears. She also looks good in red hair color and her natural color as well. 

Julia Roberts’s lifestyle: 

Julia Roberts’sis an actress from America. She was born on October 28, 1967. Julia Roberts’s is a well-known actress globally and has got a huge fan following. She is awarded with a lot of awards during her career and is a beautiful and talented actress. After her appearance in Mystic pizza and Steel Magnolias she is further seen in many projects as a leading character. Julia Roberts always wanted to be a veterinarian as a child but later she chose showbiz and started her career. She is also a good romantic comedian actress. 

Julia Roberts career: 

Roberts became the first actress to be paid about $20 million for a film. She got a lot of fame due to her excellent acting skills and good taste in fashion. Roberts julia got the record of $25 million that is the highest ever earned by an actress earned at that time. Is had made a successful career and inspired audience with her style. 


Q: What is the natural hair color of Julia Roberts? 

Ans: The natural hair color of Julia Roberts is blonde that is dark blonde and is also known as Julia Roberts pretty woman hair. 

Q:  What is the nationality of Julia Roberts? 

Ans: Julia Roberts is an American actress. Her nationality is American. 

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