How to Cancel Fashion Nova Order

How to Cancel Fashion Nova Order

How to Cancel Fashion Nova Order

Fashion Nova is a brand of US and Canada which has high quality clothes, mainly female clothes. It has many other services like men and kids clothes. But in some cases the person wants to cancel the order. So in this article we are going to tell you how to cancel fashion nova orders and all information about it.

Is canceling Order on Fashion Nova Illegal?

No it can’t be said that canceling an order on the fashion nova is illegal but the fashion nova does not give the option for cancelation of the order. This is because whenever a person places an order the company immediately starts to prepare the order and complete their work as soon as possible. 

Does Order Cancellation Cost?

Yes whenever you cancel any order on fashion nova or even on any platform they charge fees or canceling orders. But don’t worry fashion nova wont charge you much fee it just depends on the orders price and value.

Can I Cancel Fashion Nova Order?

Yes, you can cancel fashion nova order but this option is not available on their website or below the order from where you have placed the order. This can be done by contacting the customer service but keep in mind this canceling of order will cost you. This will only depend on the product value in the online market.

What is The Time Limit of Canceling order?

Most of the time which is commonly used is the time before your order has been shipped. You can cancel your order in 24 hours if it hasn’t been shipped. If this order has been shipped then this is not valid to be canceled. 

From Where The Order Can be Canceled?

If you want to cancel your order you can easily cancel it from your team customer service but always keep in mind you can never cancel it from the official website. This team will tell you the steps which you need to follow to cancel the order on fashion nova.

How to Cancel if the Order is Shipped?

If your order is shipped but you want to cancel the order. Now you only have to wait for the order to arrive at your address and refuse to take it and cancel your delivery. You will be given a refund in 7 to 14 days. This time is applied because the order first gets to the company and then they give a refund to you but apply some taxes and fee for canceling the order.

Will I Get Refund for Canceled Order?

If you are in the search for the answer to your question, see if you will get your refund of the paid amount or not. Then yes you can get a refund of your canceled order. The company will directly send a refund amount of the order in your bank card or anything you have provided to them. There is also a big question of how much the refund takes time to arrive. The answer is, it takes about 7 to 14 days. 

How to Contact Fashion Nova Customer Service?

You can contact fashion nova customer services by email or even number. This number or email is provided to you in the official website of fashion nova. After getting the email or toll free number you can contact them to cancel your order before shipping. If the order is on the way and you are going to return it you can inform them to give a refund to you after returning the delivery back to them.

How to Know the Order Canceling Charges?

If you want to know the charges for returning the order you can again contact the customer service because the order canceling charges are not fixed for all types of products. These charges vary on the product’s value. They will tell you the fee that you have to pay for the cancellation of the order. 


Q: What are the timings of the online customer support?

Ans: The online customer service is available 24/7 on email and even calls. This means that you can contact them any time to cancel your order or for other queries.

Q: How to get a refund from them?

Ans: Firstly ask for a refund in a respectful manner. Secondly give details and reasons to cancel your order. Lastly, give them your full information about the product and date on which the order has been placed.

Q: Can I get a refund on debit or credit card?

Ans: Yes, you can have a refund in your debit or credit card by only sending your account information correctly.

Q: What if my card information is wrong? Will I get another refund?

Ans: If you have given your account information incorrect and the company hand sent refund then you can change this information. But if the refund has been sent to the account provided by you then in this case you will not be given another refund.

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