That Which Flows By

That Which Flows By

In this article there is a full description about the term that flows by. All life is a river which keeps flowing and never stops for anyone. If you want to become so interested in some work and don’t realize the time when it flies. This means that you have a love for that work and you like doing that work. And a Greek ancient thinker once said about life which explains very deep things which have been described below. They say that we have to go with the flow of the time and the world and explain very much which has been described below in the article.

The article also tells the importance of many things like being present, clear mind, strong mindset and more. It also describes the importance of these things in our daily life and why we need them. Later in this article you will know that we should have some qualities and when will these qualities help us. Bring your attention and start reading the article as it can help you in any part of your life.

That Which Flows By

Life is like a river which keeps flowing and flowing and always changing. Actually that which flows by is basically the stuff that happens in our lives. We can also say that this is like looking at the things happening around us in daily life. To learn lessons from them on how to get with the flow of life. 

Let’s take an example like a stream. If you have seen a stream the stream never stops. If you step out of it and go back in it the flow of the water changes, same is in our lives. This is how the concept of “that which flows by” is created.

Lets know why “that which flows by” is important in our life and why we should focus on the things. Read this article below as you will know and clear all your concepts and doubts about “that which flows by”.  

Simple Philosophy

A famous ancient Greek thinker once said “you can’t step in the same river twice”. He meant that the river is always moving and you are following its flow, as everything around us is changing and changing just like the dance steps.
Another meaning can be that there are many problems that you suffer. If you are stuck in the problem (river) next time you won’t because now you know the flow of life and you won’t make that mistake again.

On the other hand there are Eastern thinkers and scholars who think that just go with the flow and don’t fight with nature as with the time it will be automatically solved.

Everyday Feelings

Has this ever happened to you that you are doing something and the time runs so fast that you don’t even feel that you worked for so long. A physiologist says this “flow” and explains this maximum at that movement whenever the person is doing something with his full excitement and this work makes him/her happy. This is the reason that in interest and attention the person dont know the passing of time and think that the time passed quickly. 

Powerful Mindset

Having a powerful mindset is the example of a boat which is steady in a flowing river. The powerful mindset benefits a person very much like understanding the currents. This means the person feels the river on him and feels him inside it. He understands life also like this and sets goals to become successful which also explains “that which flows by”.

Being Present

Being mindful is also a helpful tool in the flow of life. Mindfulness helps you to stay active and pay attention to the present moment without judging it according to your thinking. This helps you to stay stable and make you feel in every movement of your life. 


Thi life is like a flowing river which flows and never stops. This flow should be picked by the person in order to become the part of the fast going life. This is called “that which flows by”. The psychologists explain that the person who is doing a work with full attention feels that the time is moving very fast but in fact the time is not going fast this the the activity which is making the a person engaged in it. And as the person is doing it with interest he doesn’t feel the passing of time. There are many other benefits of the  “that which flows by” which have been describe above in the content. 

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