Myrtle Gonzalez: Everything You need to Know

Myrtle Gonzalez: Everything You need to Know

Myrtle Gonzalez

Gonzalez was born in 1891 in Los Angeles, with a Mexican native family. She grew up near a glooming film industry. The producers were caught in the beauty and charisma of Gonzalez. At an early age of only 16 she landed her first movie with a very first major role. Over time she made many more movies and shooted 40 movies. 

Her career was going to the peak but suddenly something unexpected happened. She passed away at an early age of 26. However the time period of Gonzalez was short but she played a very important role in the opening of historical actors in Hollywood. Read downwards to know more about the life and career of Gonzalez.

Early Life And Family Background of Gonzalez

She was born in a family who have transmigrated from Mexico. She was born in Los Angeles on 28 September 1891. Gonzalez was grown up in a working family. Gonzalez parents were doing different jobs. Her father was a carpenter whereas her mother was a dressmaker and a needle woman. Her parents worked very hard to give her education. The mother and father of Gonzalez hoped that one day this hard work will come out as if a person was digging for water, one movement he will let it out. Even while struggling with financial issues Gonzalez passed the school and became the first person in her family to attend college. And now her successful career has started.

Breaking Barriers in Early Hollywood

Due to financial problems and struggles she was doing some jobs to support herself. She started working at the theater while she was doing other jobs to support herself. Her breakthrough came in the 1950 when she was given a minor role in “Giant,” a milestone for Hispanic actors in mainstream cinema.

Rise to StarDom as Silent Actress

In the period of silent films, Gonzalez became a star of silent films, well known for her touching performances in front of the camera. She made over 70 short films and aspects, earning her good wealth as she became the highest-paid actresses of that time. Modified to feature films, she displayed her strongest match in nature moving from Westerns to romantic drama series and movies. 

Romance on and Off Screen

Her personal life was twisted with her career. Gonzalez’s romance with friend actor Lew Cody which led to their marriage in 1917. They jointly started acting in several films, showing their live chemistry. However, their unstable marriage ended with their separation and divorce in the middle of 1920s.

Myrtle’s Impact on Representation in Film

Without her public success, Gonzalez adopted a better image of Latina women. Her role in “Tierra Firme” marked an important corner, and her honesty pushed for various roles. In spite of facing brand and review. Gonzalez’s recommendation provided step by step positive change in the businesses.


Gonzalez was from a very small family where her family only had money to survive. Her mother and father started working even hard to make her study and she was the first in her family to go to college. Gonzalez started working in the film theater where she did some extra jobs to support herself. She was selected by the director and producers for her very first film because of her overwhelming beauty. The step by step growed her name and started to become famous. She was the best actor of her time and became the highest paid actor of her time. She was also taking part in the films and movies of romance with her partner, who she later married with but due to some conflicts they announced separation and divorce. Gonzalez died at a very early age of 26 as her name was still living in the hearts of her fans.

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Q: Where was Gonzalez born?

Ans: Gonzalez was born in Los Angeles in 1891 in a migrated family of mexico.

Q: What was the name of the very first movie of Gonzalez?

Ans: The very first Movie of the Gonzalez was The Yellow Streak act in 1913. She also acted in the movie The Kiss in 1914.

Q: What killed Gonzalez?

Ans: When she was separate from his husband and her husband was going to the other side of the road. Gonzalez ran after him to talk to him but during this she was hitt by a car and killed on the spot.

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