Patrick Mahomes Parents

Patrick Mahomes Parents


Patrick Mahomes’s parents are perfect; their names are Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin. Patrick Mahomes was born on 17 September 1995, in Tyler, Texas. He is an American Citizen and a professional of Soccer in the world. And after taking part in the NFL he became a rich player with 70 million dollars’ net worth. So before NFL members, he was not rich at all because his father was a former baseball pitcher. Patrick Mahomes proposed to a girl who was also a player of Soccer with little career. And he married Brittany Mathews who was also the co-owner of the Kansas City. So he signed a contract with the Chief of Kansas City and became a member of the NFL. And no doubt he is a skillful player and the Chief started to give him a good salary and extra bonuses.

Details about Patrick Mahomes Parents:

Patrick Mahomes’s father was a former baseball pitcher and an American citizen. So Patrick Mahomes’s mom’s name is Randi Martin but after some, she gets torn apart. Patrick Mahomes’s father was black and his mother Randi Martin was white, making him biracial. So his parents were torn apart when he was only 11 years old. But now he has become a professional soccer with a great skill and also a good net worth. Now he is a famous professional athlete in America and also a part of the NFL. Patrick Mahomes also won a Super Bowl Championship and the NFL shares his HD Wallpapers that are available on the internet. His parent torn apart but for the sake of their son, they have remained civil. And from this, they will be able to watch his football games amicably. So now he has become a professional player and rich.

Details about Patrick Mahome’s Mother:

Patrick Mahomes’s mother’s name is Randi Martin but she is torn apart from Pat Mahomes. But for their son, they lived civilly and they will be able to watch his football games amicably. So Patrick Mahomes’s mother has many anecdotes to share regarding his son’s devotion to football. And she is a very careful mother and loves his son very much. She wants Patrick Mahomes to become a professional player and became a rich and take his care. His mother has spoken about the quarterback’s shy personality and what it was like to raise him. And she wants him alongside his younger brother Jackson and his son Mia Randall. So Randi Martin was full-time mother to her two boys as they were growing up. And on the internet, there are less data available including their name, age, and personality.

Details about Pat Mahomes:

Pat Mahomes is the father of Patrick Mahomes and a former professional baseball player. So Pat Mahomes is an American citizen and married to Randi Martin. And he was born in Tyler, Texas and he was not a rich man at all. So Pat Mahomes was a Baseball pitcher from 1992 to 2005 in his career. He played for the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, and the Pittsburg Pirates. So he got for himself a spot in the Sioux Falls Canaries Halls of Fame. And Pat Mahomes wants to motivate his son and make him a professional player. Patrick Mahomes was very fond of playing soccer and he started practicing in his school life. And he believes that practicing on the pitch improved his skill very much. Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin remained civil for the sake of his son.

Frequent Ask Questions:

Who is Randi Martin?

Randi Martin is the mother of the famous Patrick Mahomes and ex-wife of Pat Mahomes. She has two sons Patrick Mahomes, and Jackson, and she has one daughter. So she cares for his children very much and wants all of them to become a professional player. And she has many followers on TikTok and Instagram and she is a social media star.

Who is Pat Mahomes?

Pat Mahomes is the father of a famous player Patrick Mahomes and ex-husband of Randi Martin. Pat Mahomes has two sons and one daughter, and he is also very careful. So Pat Mahomes is a former Baseball pitcher and he was born in Tyler, Texas. 

Who is the co-owner of the Kansas City?

Patrick Mahomes married the co-owner of the Chief Kansas City. So she is also a former player of Soccer with very little career. 


Patrick Mahomes is a professional player of Soccer and an American citizen. Patrick Mahomes’s mother’s name is Randi Martin, and their father’s name is Pat Mahomes. So Pat Mahome’s father is a former Baseball pitcher but not rich at all. Their parents were torn apart but for his son’s achievement, they remained civil. Patrick has one brother and one sister but Patrick became more successful with all siblings. Patrick Mahomes also won the Super Bowl Championship and the NFL shared his HD Wallpapers on the internet. 

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