Unblocked 911 Games

Unblocked 911 Games

Unblock 911

Unblocked 911 Games

If you are a tech person or a gaming person, then you definitely would have known this term unblock 911, these are the games whose access has been blocked by schools and workplaces and you cannot play games that came under unblocked 911.

What Games come under Unblocked 911 and why do they get blocked?

Games and other websites are blocked by school owners or offices to keep people and students away from adult content or who waste their time during office/school hours.

But some games are usually just for fun and adult content is not necessarily add. People can watch or play games after office/school hours to enjoy their time.

Some more reasons why games and other websites are blocked by schools/workplace owners;

  • Some games and websites are blocked by businesses and schools because people there get busy with other activities rather than official work which reduces productivity.
  • Unblocked 911 games are safe and secure but still educational institutes blocked these websites just to be extra careful
  • Blocked websites and games require more bandwidth compared to unblocked ones, that’s why workplaces and institutions blocked them to save bandwidth for other official purposes.
  • Network managers require more time to assess website traffic so that’s why they restrict unblocked 911 and other content.

Unblocked 911 are games that are blocked by owners below are some of the games;

  • Egg cars
  • Smart Cars
  • Retro bowl college
  • Drift boss
  • Drift hunters
  • Drive mad
  • Parking fury
  • Highway racer 3

How do I get access to unblocked 911 games?

Whether it’s unblocked 911 or any other restricted websites you can get access

Which are

  1. VPN
  2. Web Proxy
  3. Tor browser

Web Proxy

A web Proxy is a server from where you can get access to all your blocked and restricted websites. You just have to;

  1. Open the free web Proxies; Hidester, Proxysite, Hide My Ass and Proxy Site.
  2. Put the URL of your unblocked 911 or any other site.
  3. Web Proxy will fetch all your data and give access to use unblocked 911.

Use Free VPN unblock 911

VPN is a virtual private network through which you get access to blocked websites and it connects you from different locations and different IP addresses which will hide your identity and allow you to play unblocked 911 games and use other restricted websites. The three best VPNs which are free to use are;

  1. ProtonVPN
  2. Windscribe
  3. Hide. me
  • You just have to sign u for these websites and make an account
  • After that download the VPN application on your device
  • Connect to a VPN server with a country which is without restriction.
  • Now when you open the browser it will change your location and you can see blocked websites easily.

Tor Browser

Tor browser is just an upgraded version of Firefox or Chrome, it will conceal your name, location and IP address and you will be able to get access to unblocked 911 and other blocked websites.

  • Download the browser and open it when you want to unblock blocked websites.
  • Enter the website URL and now you enjoy unblocked 911 free and easy.

The main disadvantage of the Tor browser is it will block the traffic of your website and will slow down your server And browsing speeds. But your identity will be hidden and it’s easy to use compared to others.


If you want to get access to any blocked website or unblocked 911 then you must use a web proxy, VPN or a tor browser. These three options will help you in accessing blocked websites and you can enjoy games and other stuff easily. Remember these restricted website content has some adult content which is not safe and secure to watch so if you have really good work with any of these blocked websites then you can use any free method to get access otherwise it is not feasible to use free methods.


Q1) Does Tor browser and other methods can hide your identity and IP address?

Ans) Yes, they will hide your identity and you can watch any content or play games anonymously, no one will know about your address and IP address because all will be provided by VPN, web proxy and Tor browser.

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