Duonao TV: A platform where you relax and feel better

Duonao TV: A platform where you relax and feel better

Duonao TV

If you love watching Chinese movies, dramas or any other series, Duonao TV, is a Chinese website where you find any type of content you want to watch. It is also a social media platform just like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where you communicate with each other, share content, socialize and make friends.

Now you can watch your Favorite Chinese TV shows and other content on Duonao TV. Duonao has numerous TV shows and movies that you can watch in any language you can as They offer subtitles in many languages such as English, French, German and more.

How to use Duonao TV?

Duonao TV has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. You have to follow the below steps to watch Duonao TV on your mobile, tablet or laptop;

  1. To get access to Duonao TV you have to download a VPN(Virtual Private Network).
  2. You must have an active internet connection
  3. Log in to the website of Duonao TV and make an account.

Tada! You are good to go to watch your favourite Chinese shows online at any time.

Duonao TV and Privacy Concerns

When anyone is making an account online his/her first concern is about privacy and the question arises in mind, is this a safe place to enter all my private information? So, you don’t have to worry Duonao first encrypts the personal data and then afterwards personal information has been saved on secured servers.

Users should feel safe while using Duonao TV because their information won’t get leaked.

Chinese Film Distributor Vs UK Film Distributor

Duonao TV uploads movies which are well-received by the people of China. The UK film Distributor couldn’t release their movies in China on the same date. That’s the basic conflict, that’s why the UK film industry is losing a substantial amount which is not in favour of the UK film industry.

To resolve this issue, Chinese Film distributors in the UK have to release the movies one week before the date because it is difficult to manage timings.

Duonao TV Legal or Illegal?

Unfortunately, Duonao TV is illegal as it is a pirate site and in China, Copyright law is very weak for checks and balances.

Although legal action has been taken in many countries because of this infringement, it’s a challenging task to stop Duonao TV.

Duonao TV reviews

Some positive  and negative reviews of Duonao TV are as under;

Positive Reviews

  • Users of Duonao TV are very high as the film views are in millions.
  • Duonao TV is a social and safest platform to make friends and connections, you can promote your business through this platform.

Negative Reviews

  • Reviews of the film on Duonao TV are not as professional as they should be.
  • The UK film industry is losing its charm because people are watching UK movies illegally on the Duonao platform.


Overall Duonao TV is full-packed entertainment for the viewers as they are providing movies, sports, music, documentaries, TV shows and a lot more to watch.

Some of the content that is specially available only on Duonao TV are Interviews of celebrities, behind-the-scenes ، extra footage related to any serial or TV shows etc.

Duonao TV users can enjoy and relax by watching any content they like.

Duonao TV is also a platform where you can promote your business ideas by uploading videos and promoting your business.

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Q1) Which age group watches content on Duonao TV?

Ans) According to a survey: “61% of users are from the 18 to 29 age group” which means mostly young people are using Duonao.

Q2) Can you watch Duonao TV anywhere in the world?

Ans) Yes, you can watch Duonao TV anywhere, you just have to download a VPN on your devices.

Q3) Does Duonao TV support subtitles?

Ans) As this is a Chinese website, mostly the content is in Chinese language. But they also support subtitles in many languages.

However, much of the content doesn’t provide subtitles.

Q4)Does Duonao TV require a subscription?

Ans) On Duonao TV some content is public and some require a subscription fee. Which is also economical for the users, as they can pay and enjoy as much content as they can.

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