Kyle Morgan Case

Kyle Morgan Case

Kyle Morgan Case

This is the story of 24-year-old Kyle Morgan  Who has been suffering from severe depression, bipolar disorder and drug addiction from his teens. Morgan had an extended history of committing suicide multiple times (8 to 10 times) in his teenage. Although he went to different rehabilitation centers.

The story evolves between two strangers who later become friends and then one kills the other person. Kyle Morgan and Robin Burton who met each other On January 18, 2009 at a train station where Morgan invited Burton to his place in Woodstock, Illinois.

By profession Burton was a traveler who was homeless at that time and he got a place to live with Morgan. Both of them enjoy  their company by watching movies, playing video games, failed attempts of selling and buying drugs in the city  and chilling together.

One night, suddenly everything comes upside down when Morgan brutally slammed Burton with a hammer on the back side of the head more than 18 times.

CRIME reports said that:

Burton was hit viciously and maliciously by Morgan and his body was torn apart and smug on the wall. Morgan was out of his mind when he was doing the murder he also left a UNO card 666 on Brutons chest and wrote a message with blood which was “it’s better to be in power in hell rather than swerve in heaven.”

Kyle Morgan Case Update:

After all the scenarios, Kyle Morgan Case was discuss everywhere as it was a rare thing that happen.

When court trials were happening it came into news that this whole murder was an act of wickedness and related to Satanism.

Also, from his past it was show that he was an abuser and had severe mental issues. He also had a Facebook page name “Thrill Kill Kyle” and was obsess with thriller, crime stories and drinking blood himself. Also his profile was fill with photos of bondswomen, killers, and cinque symbols.

Kyle Morgan Report #1

One report was; “before attempting murder his medication was switch by his physician to Vyvanse ( a pill which is given to ADHD patients). As Morgan was a bipolar patient psychiatrist said that the pill is not recommend.

As it also effects Morgan’s personal life his girlfriend was also his target he exploit her afterwards she jum from the second floor balcony.

Result of Murder:

After all the trials and reports it was confirm that Morgan was a bipolar and mental patient. He attempted the murder in that condition and it was not calculate yet. It was an impulsive reaction. On the request of the defense lawyer he was charge for his murder and was sentence 5 years of jail on February 22, 2009.

After 4 years

On October 17, 2013 Kyle Morgan Case reopene by McHenry County and judgement was pass that he will remain behin the bars for the next  30 years of his life.

Kyle Morgan also issue a heart felt note for victims family in which he wrote ” I wish this could’ve been not happens. And I am hoping that I will have a positive changes in me to live a better life.”

Kyle Morgan NOW

Morgan is 38 years old and spending his time in Dixon Correctional Center, Illinois.

Kyle Morgan Case and Mental Health

Kyle’s case is one those cases which have highlighted the root cause of our society not progressive as it should be which is Mental Illness.

Following are the issues face by Kyle Morgan;

ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

It is a neurodevelopment disorder which is oftenly diagnose in childhood and it lasts till adulthood. In this mental condition children doesn’t pay attention to what the other is saying. They behave impulsive without thinking what the reaction would be or what will happen next. The children are over hyper or hyper active, people have to repeat things to them and more.

People with this disorder are basically absent mind and gets distract easily.

Kyle Morgan Case is one of these cases as he was also a patient of ADHD and his illness was not treat properly that’s why it all happen.

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Bipolar Disorder(severe depression)

It is a mental health condition and people facing it is in severe depression and extreme mood swings happened to them(hypomania).

As it is a secret condition if it is diagnose before time that it can be treate well if not then it may lead a person to be substance abusive, he can face financial issues, multiple times suicide attempts and more.

Any illness must be treat on time. Bipolar treatment is just about 3 to 6 months and after treatment patients can. Get cure easily which can bring a positive change in the society.

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