How To Cancel A Hotworx Membership

How To Cancel A Hotworx Membership

Hotworx Membership:

It is not easy to cancel any kind of hotworx membership when you have registered yourself in any fitness program or recreational spot. The Hotworx membership program is also very difficult to understand and it’s quite technical to cancel a Hotworx membership.

When you register with the Hotworx fitness program you have to select the membership program which is;

  1. $59 per month for only one Hotworx studio
  2. $69 per month for all Hotworx studios in the United States.

After selection of any one of the membership programs, you have to pay $99 admission fees which means you must pay 3 months regularly. After completion of 3 months now you are eligible to pay every month.

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Terms and conditions of Hotworx Membership Cancellation Program

For any of the reasons, if you want to cancel the membership at Hotworx there conditions are not easy to meet;

  • After three days if you want an immediate cancellation then you have to pay $99 to Hotworx.
  • If you have registered yourself recently and you have changed your plan within three days of your admission at Hotworx Fitness Studios then it’s fine you don’t have to pay any money and your registration will be cancelled 15 days at Hotworx to cancel your membership.
  • And if the three days passed and you couldn’t cancel your membership then you are bound at Hotworx for a 3 month’s program. Because their terms and conditions require a two-month prior notification from the user to cancel their membership, if you want to cancel the membership program then you Have to notify them after your first month is complete at Hotworx Fitness Studios.
  • Another Situation is, that if you forget to notify before three months then you are bound to pay five months to the Hotworx fitness program because after completing three months fitness program an automatic renewal of the program will be updated.

So, when you want to cancel a Hotworx membership then you must notify Hotworx two months before ending the contract with Hotworx.

How to Freeze Hotworx Subscription

Freezing means you are temporarily not using Hotworx services.

If you don’t want to pay much or you are unable to cancel your subscription then you have another choice of freezing your Hotworx Fitness program;

  • It’s your choice to send an email or request in person to freeze your membership.
  • You have to pay a $9 fee every month against your monthly fee.
  • After freezing all access to Hotworx studios will be temporarily blocked.

What is Hotworx?

  • Hotworx is a 24/7 virtual jacuzzi studio where you can exercise and relax yourself.
  • It is designed for all the people who want to be fit and do exercises according to their needs.
  • For example, they have weight loss exercises, weight lifting, HIIT exercises, 30-minute running sessions and more.
  • If you want to relax then you can also join Hotworx Studios because it is also good for your mental health.


Hotworx is a virtual fitness studio designe for every individual who wants to get a toned body, be in shape or be healthy and smart.They provide a variety of exercises for every person separately because every person is different from each other. And every person requires equal and separate attention.

If you want to subscribe to Hotworx then you have to think twice before paying subscription fees because once you pay you are not allowed to cancel your membership as their contract has its terms and conditions.


Q1)Does Hotworx Studios give any free trial for new joiners?

Ans) Yes they gave you a 30-minute free sitting prior paying registration fees. So that you get an idea of how they work and what their process is all about. For bookings You just have to make an online appointment or visit their studio to book in person.

Q2) Is Hotworx secure for all?

Ans) Yes, Hotworx is safe and secure for all. They installed security cameras for customer satisfaction.

For more information : visit website

Contact number: 9159558182

Office  HOURS are

  • Monday to Thursday 11 am to 8 pm
  • On Friday 9 am to 6 pm
  • On Saturday 11 am to 4 pm
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